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Prizes Awarded to Shoppers & Newsletter Readers in 2007


Prizes Awarded to Shoppers & Newsletter Readers in 2007

Over the years has awarded many prizes* to our  shoppers and newsletter readers. The 2007 prizes, prize sponsors, and recipients are listed below. Please sign up for your own Deal Squeal™ Alerts so you’ll be notified of our latest prize challenges. For more details about these prizes and their sponsors you may also wish to browse our blog’s Prizes section.

$50 Dining Certificate from

Awarded: 2-Jan-07
Recipient: Donna Kidwell (Shreveport, LA)

Coupon System & Organizer from The Couponizer

Awarded: 25-Jan-07
Recipient: Hiltrud Brazell (Cedar Park, TX)

Valentine’s Day Gift Pack ($45 value) from Collections Etc.

Awarded: 6-Feb-07
Recipient: Beth Russell (Colbert, GA)

Two QuickCam Express Webcams from 1&1 Internet

Awarded: 20-Aug-07
Recipients – read more:

Mary Muller (Lancaster, PA)
Ellen Easley (Cedar Bluff, MS)

Apex Technologies Quick Pitch Tent from Sierra Trading Post

Awarded: 6-Sep-07 – read more
Recipient: Don P. (Plymouth, MA)

Mach Speed Trio Media Player from

Awarded: 17-Sep-07 – read more
Recipient: Gil Morneault (Caribou, ME)

Levitating Globe from Edmund Scientific

Awarded: 5-Oct-07 – read more
Recipient: Cynthia W. (Everett, WA)

$25 Gift Certificate from Wayside Gardens

Awarded: 29-Oct-07 – read more
Recipient: Kathleen Johnson (Goodrich, MI) – read more

Celestron Sky Align Telescope from Sierra Trading Post

Awarded: 18-Nov-07 – read more
Recipient: Lynne Boutilier (Fleetwood, NC) – read more

Lite-On DVD + VHS Combo Recorder from

Awarded 30-Nov-07 – read more
Recipient: Amanda Criss (Calhoun City, MS) – read more

48×16 Big Canvas of Choice from Great BIG Canvas

Awarded 12-Dec-07 – read more
Recipient: Sandi Uhl (Deleware, OH) – read more

Velocity Wheeled Computer Case from Irv’s Luggage

Awarded: 21-Dec-07 – read more
Recipient: Mike McCandless (Havertown, PA)

*Prize recipients were only identified by name and location unless additional information was provided by the recipient and permission was given to us to share those details. No prize recipient was listed who asked to remain anonymous. Newsletter prize winners were selected from our list of active newsletter readers. All prizes were void where prohibited by law.

Editor’s Note: This list was originally published in 2007 on It was moved to this blog in 2010 due to the retirement of a legacy system.

This post was last updated on April 03, 2018.

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