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$25 Gift Card Prize Sponsored by Wayside Gardens


$25 Gift Card Prize Sponsored by Wayside Gardens


Wayside Gardens I’m pleased to announce our latest prize contest. This contest is sponsored by Wayside Gardens and is for a $25 Wayside Gardens Gift Certificate.

Wayside Gardens was founded in 1920 by Jan Jacob Grullemans and Elmer Schultz who combined their marketing and gardening skills to introduce unusual and exciting plants for gardens everywhere. Originally located in Mentor, Ohio until it was purchased by the Park Seed Company in 1975, Wayside Gardens is now headquartered in South Carolina. As in the early days, today Wayside Gardens continues to focus on providing quality and yet unusual plants for garden enthusiasts.

To participate in this contest, contestants must subscribe to our newsletter (both daily and weekly editions are eligible). Over the next few days we will send out a short quiz in our newsletter that serves as the entry form. Newsletter readers answering this quiz correctly will be eligible for the drawing. One winner will be selected and awarded the $25 Wayside Gardens gift certificate in late October.

I am excited that Wayside Gardens asked to sponsor one of our newsletter prize contests. I look forward to sharing this opportunity with our readers. I am also pleased that we frequently have Wayside Gardens coupon codes that we can give our shoppers as well.

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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