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Prizes Awarded to Shoppers & Newsletter Readers 2004-2006


Prizes Awarded to Shoppers & Newsletter Readers 2004-2006

A variety of prizes* are periodically awarded to users and active newsletter subscribers. We are pleased to have awarded the following individuals the prizes listed below. For more details about these prizes and their sponsors you may also wish to browse our blog’s Prizes section.

35mm Film & Slide Scanner from

Awarded: 12/17/2006
Recipient:  Sharon H. (Chicago, IL)
Reason: weekly prize from newsletter sponsor

11 Carat Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet with Diamond Accents from

Awarded: 12/17/2006
Recipient: Amber C. (NH)
Reason: weekly prize from newsletter sponsor

$50 Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 12/3/2006
Recipient: Marigene Scarborough (TX)
Reason: weekly prize from newsletter sponsor
Comment: “Thanks again for the gift card. Keep the savings coming!”

$25 Cash from

Awarded: 11/2006
Recipient: Terry L. (Central Square, NY)
Reason: weekly prize from newsletter sponsor

Lexmark Z611 Printer from Inkgrabber

Awarded 11/12/2006
Recipient: Caroline O. (Waldenburg, AR)
Reason: weekly prize from newsletter sponsor
Comment: “I do need a new printer for family photo printing, church bulletins and sunday school materials and school work. I’m just a fan of your helpful deals and friendly style. Thanks for all you do.”

$25 JCPenney Gift Card from

Awarded: 10/30/2006
Recipient: Mary R. M. (Buffalo, NY)
Reason: weekly prize for active newsletter reader

Three $10 Starbucks Gift Cards from

Awarded 10/23/2006

Jesse Bouman (Chesterbrook, PA)
Sandra Shumaker (Greensboro, NC)
K. R. (Dalton, MN)

Reason: newsletter subscriber who updated their preferences
Comment: “I have been subscribed to the Shopping-Bargains newsletter for a while. I really like the fact that I can subscribe to the categories I want, and decide if I want to get the newsletter each day or each week. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding all the online deals for me!” — Jesse

Comment: “Thanks for a great newsletter and thanks for making my day with winning a prize! Keep up the good job.” — Sandra

DVD Player from

Awarded: 4/2006
Recipient: Aimee Concepcion (Livermore, CA)
Reason: newsletter subscriber who migrated to our new email platform

$25 Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 4/2006
Recipient: Susan A. (MS)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “When I shop online, I start with to see if they have a coupon for the store I want to shop. Over the years I have saved a lot of money here. Thank you,!”

$25 Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 3/2006
Recipient: Beth B. (MS)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “You really do have a great site and provide a neat service that saves the rest of us time and money.”
About the newsletter: “I like it, Mike! It’s a good idea. I check out specials that I would otherwise not have been aware of.”

$25 Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 1/2005
Recipient: A. Myers (CA)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “Thank you for all the free shipping and discount offers on my favorite online shopping sites.”

$25 JCPenney eCertificate from

Awarded: 12/2004
Recipient: Carol Gibson
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “Shopping-Bargains helped me out with a promo code that was discontinued (by the merchant) before the actual expiration date. They looked into the problem for me, found me a better deal . . . Some may say that computer shopping is nonpersonable, but I have got to say I have found Shopping-Bargain’s customer service, and many others, very friendly in a lot of ways. Thanks again and happy saving to all!”

Spectra 5″ Portable Color TV from Second Act**

Awarded: 9/2004 ($179.99 MSRP)
Recipient: Barbara Perreault (Haverhill, MA)
Reason: special “back to football” newsletter prize
Comment: “I love receiving their newsletters and getting the best deals on line out there.”

$20 Mega Certificate from

Awarded: 8/2004 (buys $50-$100 in dining certificates)
Recipient: Jan Culver (Starkville, MS)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “I have found the Shopping Bargains site to be very easy to use. I love being able to “comparison shop” to find the best price. Your site makes this so easy. I can also quickly and easily learn of coupons and discounts that I would otherwise have no knowledge of. For example, I recently needed some office supplies ASAP. I went to your site and found a store offering free shipping plus $20 off an order of $75 or more. This was a great savings PLUS I received the products at my own front door in 2 or 3 days… my FAVORITE way to shop.”

$25 Spiegel Electronic Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 7/2004
Recipient: E. K. (Wilmington, DE)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize

$25 SuperCertificate from

Awarded: 6/2004
Recipient: Pam Lee (Jacksonville, FL)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “ provides excellent savings opportunities and has introduced great internet shops that I was not aware of until looking through the site.”

Personalized Spa Gift Set from** ($65 value)

Awarded: 5/2004
Recipient: Linda Kajma (Troy, MI)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “I think Shopping Bargains is Great!”

$25 Gift Certificate from

Awarded: 4/2004
Recipient: Sharon Duffy (Russell, KY)
Reason: periodic newsletter prize
Comment: “Thanks again and I will continue to visit to find savings and coupons.”

*Prize recipients are only identified by name and location unless additional information is provided by the recipient and permission is given to share those details. No prize recipient is listed who wishes to remain anonymous. Newsletter prize winners are selected from our list of active newsletter readers.

**No longer in business.

Editor’s Note: This list was originally published in 2006 on It was moved to this blog in 2010 due to the retirement of a legacy system.

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