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We are regularly asked by retailers how they can be included on Shopping-Bargains®. While we’re flattered by their positive attention, we’re also selective in the retailers, products, resources, and so forth that we list (and recommend).

advertise with usAs a business we do not provide “free” listings; however, we do not charge up-front costs for being listed. Also, we try to carefully evaluate each retailer prior to listing them on Shopping-Bargains. We attempt to include only secure and reputable retailers and service providers who primarily offer family-friendly products and services.

To avoid charging retailers up-front listing fees, we prefer to work through an affiliate program managed by a trusted affiliate marketing network. An affiliate program provides a win-win opportunity for both parties. For example, we get paid but only when someone clicks a link on our site to visit a retailer’s site and then buys something from them.

Under a typical affiliate marketing arrangement, a payment is made to Shopping-Bargains by the affiliate network only when a sale occurs from a shopper originating on our site. This advertising fee is usually calculated as a small percentage (or occasionally a “per action” referral fee) of total monthly sales made by all Shopping-Bargains shoppers with each retailer. To minimize confusion, advertising payments are typically consolidated and paid to us monthly by the affiliate network.

Under these affiliate marketing terms, the bulk of the risk is on Shopping-Bargains since instead of simply paying to be listed in our directory, affiliated retailers only pay us if we send them customers who actually buy something from them.

Please contact us if you have an affiliate program and are interested in being listed on Shopping-Bargains®. If you do not have an affiliate program, we encourage you to create one with one or more of the popular affiliate marketing networks listed below. These affiliate adverting networks enable you to quickly promote your online store on thousands of websites and blogs.

Primary Affiliate Marketing Networks in Which We Participate

Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising with Us via Affiliate Marketing

Q: Are your listing fees based on actual sales?

A: Since our pay is based on our performance for you, we charge nothing just to be listed. The fees we receive are assessed by the affiliate marketing network after a sale is made by a shopper who originated on Shopping-Bargains. Payment to us are typically based on actual sales and assessed on a percentage or a flat fee basis as specified by the affiliate agreement.

Q: What are the requirements for placing links on your website? Do we get to specify where our links appear?

A: We only seek to list family-friendly stores as defined by our standards (no emphasis on drunken excess, gambling, pornography, hate, violence, etc.). Unless operating under a private advertising agreement, all link location decisions are administered by Shopping-Bargains and subject to change without notice.

Q: What type of information do you require from us regarding sales?

A: We are strong advocates of privacy and do not want to know who buys anything from your site. The only information needed is the aggregate sales data required to administer the affiliate agreement. In virtually all cases this is handled and monitored via the third-party affiliate marketing network which further insulates us from your sales data.

Q: What is the required duration for coupon placement? Are we able to modify run dates as well as offers?

A: While we are interested in long-term relationships with affiliate partners, there is no minimum or maximum duration for specific coupons. All coupon and deal placements and data are administered by Shopping-Bargains. Merchants are free to modify run dates and offer details provided they notify us in time to amend our published offers. We reserve the right to edit or not include content provided by merchants.

Q: Is there a restriction to the number of offers published? Do you base the number of coupons/discounts on the placement and number of links provided?

A: While we have no official “cutoff” number, we are essentially limited to what we feel is reasonable based on our design templates, time constraints and customer considerations. We attempt to not overload Shopping-Bargains with offers for one specific store; however, we do welcome a variety of coupons and bargains.

Q: I am new to affiliate marketing. Can you tell me how to start a successful affiliate program?

A: There is a wealth of online information — both good and bad — about creating an affiliate program and “doing” affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing will seem complicated to most people at first, the process of creating a successful affiliate program essentially boils down to establishing a win-win platform based on ethical marketing practices tailored to an online environment.

For a thorough (and honest) overview of affiliate marketing from a trusted expert in the affiliate industry, we recommend Geno Prussakov’s Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing. This free guide provides serious answers to more than 50 essential questions relating to affiliate marketing in general and starting and running an affiliate program in particular.

If you are a new affiliate manager or an affiliate manager looking for ways to enhance your existing affiliate program then we recommend the MyAffiliateCoach Affiliate Manager Coaching and Mentoring Program. MyAffiliateCoach, taught by veteran affiliate manager Jamie Birch, offers a 12 week mentoring and coaching program designed to produce high performing and innovative affiliate managers. Each weekly training module is available via video in either a live or on-demand format and features a customized training session. Additionally, MyAffiliateCoach students have access to more than 10 bonus modules and receive a bound copy of MyAffiliateCoach’s printed training materials.

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