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Inspirational Story & Video by “Left Thumb Blogger” Glenda Watson Hyatt

Glenda Watson Hyatt is sometimes called the Left Thumb Blogger because she types with only her left thumb. In the inspirational video below, Ms. Hyatt shares how blogging via the WordPress platform changed her life. Simply put, blogging enables her to overcome her disability caused to cerebral palsy and to communicate with others. Ms. Hyatt,…

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Entrepreneurs & Business: The Power of a Creative Idea

Creative people amaze me.  I’m also impressed by the innovations and entrepreneurial risks taken by most small business owners.  When somebody combines creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial effort that’s a powerful formula that I find very fascinating. One such incredibly creative example I came across this week is This website/business was thought up and implemented…

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Inspirational Focus on the Homeschool Teacher Job Description

As many of our regular “deal alert” readers know, I invite reader comments, questions and feedback. Sometimes readers forward me interesting and inspirational articles and stories. Today I received one that I wanted to highlight as part of my new Inspirational Series since it addressed homeschooling mothers from a unique perspective. (We have many homeschool…

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Estimating the Financial Value of a Homemaker

One of our readers sent me a thought-provoking email she received from “Laine’s Letters” in answer to a question to one of her readers about “homemakers.” This reader’s question for Laine had to do with feeling that her job as a homemaker was worth “little or less” than being employed within a career. Laine’s response…

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Tips for Starting an Internet Business: Vision

This is my second post in my series on “Tips for Starting an Internet Business.” In my Introduction, I listed vision as the first of four essential elements needed for starting an Internet business. A successful Internet business, like any business, starts with a healthy dose of vision. Vision is a vivid mental image of…

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Tips for Starting an Internet Business: Introduction

You’ve probably seen a television commercial suggesting that if you just buy such and such a book and follow a few easy steps you’ll soon be making big bucks in your easy Internet business working only a few hours each week. The setting for the commercial often shows someone luxuriously lounging on the beach enjoying…

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