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Savvy Shopping Recommendations for January

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Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons wrote the book Living The Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living which helps people spend less than they earn (without doing without). Complementing their book, you can also browse The Savvy Life website, magazine, and blog for even more tips and opportunities to grow more savvy…

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CleanMyDrive 2 – Free Mac App to Manage External Drives


On December 8, 2015, MacPaw released their updated CleanMyDrive 2 app. This Mac app is free from the App Store and is designed to help you clean and manage your portable storage, SSD flash drives, SD cards, external drives, and more. With CleanMyDrive 2 you can bypass Finder because all of your drives are available…

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Acme Tools Black Friday Ads Leaked

Black Friday + Thanksgiving Day & Cyber Monday! We were given a scanned copy of the Acme Tools Black Friday ads and are very pleased to share them with our readers. It’s exciting to see that this will be a 5-day sale overall with most items specially-priced from November 26-30, 2015 — Thanksgiving Day to Black…

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10 Tips for Getting the Best Black Friday Bargains

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, Black Friday is, obviously, always on a Friday. But what’s so special about Black Friday, you may ask? Lots of things! Black Friday is so named because it is traditionally the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Since Christmas gift-buying…

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Travel Deals Abound Online

While most travel arrangements used to be made through travel agents, these days there are numerous options available for the traveler to make their own reservations online. Nearly every airline and hotel chain provides the ability to make reservations directly. But the savvy shopper knows that it takes a fair amount of research to find…

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Skip the line: The best Macy’s department store deals are online!

If you read the department store sale papers each weekend you’re quite familiar with sales at stores such as Macy’s, a department store well known for running fantastic sales on clothing and home goods. With over 80 years of service, Macy’s brings you thousands of name brand products to fit every lifestyle – including Men’s,…

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Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Many probably don’t feel good about seeing the word affordable next to Mother’s Day. It strikes a negative chord because we want to buy our mom the best and not think about money. However, for millions of people, the price of a gift matters and so a Mother’s Day gift must be affordable or it…

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How to Send a Fax for Free

Need to send a fax but don’t have a fax machine? Or have you ever wanted to test your fax machine but didn’t want to call someone up and ask them to send you a fax? Well, now you can do both for free with faxZERO. faxZERO offers you a free fax option and an…

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Three Natural Home Cleaning Product Alternatives

A trip to the grocery store for home cleaning products can put a serious dent in a family’s budget. Add to that the toll many caustic cleaners exact upon you in the form of teary eyes and dry skin and you just might wonder if there are viable natural alternatives. Thankfully, there are several less…

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How to Buy Groceries Online and Save

Buying groceries online? Does that sound weird? It’s actually becoming more and more popular all over the country. Read on to learn how to save time and money by purchasing your groceries online. Shopping online is a great option for busy couples and families. Put together your grocery list, order it, pay for it, and…

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