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New Shopping-Bargains Site Launched


New Shopping-Bargains Site Launched

Our New Site is Live!

Now mobile-friendly. Twice as many stores. Improved search.

New Shopping-Bargains

It’s been months since I updated our blog but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle around here. On the contrary, we’ve been buzzing with upgrades that I’m excited to tell you about.

Much of this year we’ve been focused on upgrading and adding new capabilities to better serve shoppers and our growing mobile readership. We tested our new system in September when we soft-launched our upgraded Canada and UK shopping sites. All worked well there so we pushed for the big migration…

Moving a large and older site to a completely new platform is not a small undertaking as we soon learned. For example, the old Shopping-Bargains had nearly 2,000 stores. The new one now has more than 4,000. There were many other considerations to account for as well (and some additional features and bug-fixes to complete — with a few yet remaining). However, on November 1, 2015, we let our shoppers into our new site (and closed the old one down about a week later).

I’d like to say it’s been a seamless transition but it’s had a few hiccups along the way. Overall, though, it has gone very well and we’ve had some great user feedback that has helped us improve the new site greatly.

Please let us know what you think of our new site. I welcome your suggestions and want to know if anything frustrates you. As I mentioned above, we still have a few issues to work out. We also have some additional coupons and deals to add and some store page content to migrate. Some pages still load too slowly and we are working on that also.

Here’s a partial list of what’s new:

  • Greatly enhanced store pages (see Tommy Hilfiger example)
  • Individual store ratings (using a 5 star-rating system)
  • Improved store reviews (our own customer’s comments)
  • Enhanced customer support data for stores (still being rolled out)
  • Store page coupon & deal sorting & filtering
  • True coupon search (instead of just store search)
  • Blog and articles integrated into site
  • Enhanced shopping category sorting options
  • Optimized mobile display
  • And lots of other updates and enhancements (with more coming)

Please visit the new Shopping-Bargains and let us help you spend less next time you shop online. Be sure to leave a store rating and review when you do. Also, thank you for being a loyal shopper.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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