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We share how (and where) to pair coupon codes and cash back bonuses for the best bargains online!

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Spend Better

We'll show you why budgeting is liberating and how to make money with credit cards!

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Learn more with our time and money-saving tips on our blog. Bargains, reviews,  and shopping tips too!

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Turn everyday living into as much fun as possible. And get more bang for your buck, right?

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Shop Smarter

Why pay full price when you can use a coupon code? Why just use a coupon code when you can also get cash back? We show how to double (and triple) dip for more savings.

Spend Better

We all have to spend money. But, did you know there are creative spending options that can reward you? We have some spending tips that we're eager to share!

Find Bargains

Most of us have better things to do than spend hours trying to save $1 on a pair of shoes. But those dollars add up. We'll point you in the right direction when we find a bargain.

Have Fun

Turn life into as much fun as possible. When you can put our bag of tricks to use you may find even paying your taxes somewhat rewarding! We blog our tips.

What is Shopping-Bargains®?

Shopping-Bargains® was established in 1999 as a resource to help friends and family save money shopping online. Over the next two years we morphed into one of the early "coupon sites." During our first decade we won several awards and experienced great growth.

By about 2015 it became evident that there were a few very good coupon sites and many wannabe coupon sites. Shopping-Bargains® was good but not great - especially when compared to the likes of CouponCabin and other stellar cash back players like Ebates and Honey - and we didn't want to be a wannabe.

So, we decided to take our knowledge of online coupon codes, cash back sites, cash back credit cards, and more and share it for free. We retooled Shopping-Bargains® to focus on providing money-saving advice, curated lists of resources, and shopping tips.

The emphasis of the new Shopping-Bargains® is on 2 "cornerstone" articles and our blog. The articles are continually edited, updated, and expanded and cover shopping smarter and spending better. The blog mainly shares bargain opportunities and money-saving strategies.

In case you're wondering...

How do we pay for Shopping-Bargains® or make any money doing this? Full disclosure: we use referral and affiliate links when possible.

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