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Free sheet music and instrument software downloads; instrument learning resources for musicians

With the recent ubiquitous popularity of tablets, many musicians are turning to digital sheet music to organize their lessons, practice sessions and performances. There are now numerous online merchants who provide instantaneous sheet music downloads which may be loaded onto portable screens, completely eliminating the need to organize and turn multiple pages, creating smoother performance…

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Easy to Use Methods that Excite Kids about Learning and School

Right now your youngsters may not exactly be jumping for joy when they hear about having to go to school in just a few weeks. The months of summer filled with days of fun outdoor activities seems like a much better choice to them when compared to getting up early everyday and going to school.…

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We Now Offer Customer-Based Store Ratings & Reviews

I’m pleased to announce that today we implemented RateVoice’s ratings and reviews software into the system. This move allows our shoppers to comment on and rate their experiences with and feelings about individual stores. This store ratings and reviews system is fully functional across our full suite of shopping sites. With more than 2,000…

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Why I’m a Big Fan of ifrogz Skins

As the founder of I like to shop the retailers listed on our site. It allows me to test their sites, the quality of their products, their customer service experience, and so forth. For the record, I’ve removed retailers from our directory who had poor products and customer experience records. Today, however, I want…

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