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Why I’m a Big Fan of ifrogz Skins


Why I’m a Big Fan of ifrogz Skins

ifrogzAs the founder of I like to shop the retailers listed on our site. It allows me to test their sites, the quality of their products, their customer service experience, and so forth. For the record, I’ve removed retailers from our directory who had poor products and customer experience records. Today, however, I want to highlight a long-term positive experience I had with one of our stellar retailers — ifrogz, an innovative maker of custom cases and skins for iPods, iPhones and more.

Close to two years ago I purchased a thick black “ifrogz wrapz” skin for my iPhone. I find holding a naked iPhone a little cumbersome because it is both skinny and slippery. Nearly two years ago I dropped my new iPhone and, after being thankful it didn’t break or get scratched, I started shopping for a quality iPhone skin to provide some cushioning and stability. I wanted a tough yet attractive iPhone skin that would provide protection and allow me to hold it easier. I also wanted a quality made skin that would fit tightly, not restrict button usage, hold up to lots of wear and wouldn’t rip.  Simple demands, right? Easier said than done.

ifrogz skin - frontifrogz skin - backTurns out that there are a lot of iPhone skins being sold; however, many are poorly made and simply don’t look like they will hold up. Their prices are cheap and so is their quality. In my search I decided I could go with an inferior one (or, more likely, several inferior ones over time) or I could buy a good one that would hold up for the long run and not frustrate me a poor fit. That’s when I turned to ifrogz and bought one of their quality iPhone skins.

In writing this post I looked back to see when I purchased my iPhone skin. I ordered it (online, of course) on March 12, 2008 and used our exclusive ifrogz coupon code to get a special discount. A few days later my ifrogz skin arrived and I excitedly dressed my iPhone. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and tight fit of the wrap. It was and remains both stylish and makes the iPhone much easier to hold. I’ve included a few photos I took today of my ifrogz-dressed iPhone after about 18 months of daily wear. One more positive thing to note about this ifrogz skin is my iPhone doesn’t slide off sloping surfaces like desks, furniture and so forth.

ifrogz skin tearYou may wonder why I’m writing this story about 18 months after purchasing this product. The reason for this is simple: I still like my ifrogz iPhone wrap. To this day it continues to fit tightly, perform well, and serve my needs. While the skin’s thinnest point above the main iPhone button tore a few days ago (see photo), the wrap still works beautifully and serves my needs very well. In fact, it was this minor tear that prompted me to think about the skin again and led to this post. Overall, I have been very pleased with this ifrogz product. I have also received a lot of questions about it because the styling is unique.

So, bottom line, I strongly recommend ifrogz and am pleased to list them on My experience with them has been very positive. While their initial cost may seem a little high for an iPhone or iPod skin or wrap, I feel their long-term performance justifies the cost and probably represents savings over buying several cheaper bit inferior skins.

Editor’s Note: ifrogz is now part of ZAGG.

This post was last updated on April 03, 2018.

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