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Exclusive Interview: Gwynne Gorr of The Franklin Mint


Exclusive Interview: Gwynne Gorr of The Franklin Mint

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Gwynne Gorr, CMO, The Franklin Mint

Chief Marketing Officer Gwynne Gorr

One of the exciting things for me is the chance to meet many of the people behind the websites — the people who make online shopping possible for millions of shoppers around the world. In light of this, I recently had a chance to interview Gwynne Gorr, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of The Franklin Mint. She was kind enough to answer several of my questions about The Franklin Mint and their history. What follows is a transcript of our interview.

Mike Allen: “Thank you for sharing your time and insights with our shoppers today. I read that The Franklin Mint was founded in 1964. Can you explain where the name came from and how The Franklin Mint got started?”

Gwynne Gorr: “When the company was founded, it was an actual Mint….a company that manufactured coins and medallions. It was one of the highest quality minting operations in the world and produced currency for countries across the globe. The idea of the founders was to introduce to a broad audience the concept of coin collecting with the introduction of continuity programs that provided the customer the opportunity to acquire a new piece for their collection on a regular basis with the benefit of The Franklin Mint’s recommendation of that product. The continuity concept was such a success that it was expanded into other collectible product forms such as sculpture, dolls, and precision models.”

MA: “With your extensive collection of die-cast models, heirloom dolls, memorabilia and so much more, is there one area or product that has consistently been the most popular with Franklin Mint fans?”

GG: “As in all things, collecting behavior follows trends. For example, when metals markets are rising, there is usually a jump in coin collecting. Throughout our history, coins have been of the most popular collectibles, followed by die cast precision models. However, dolls and sculpture have also had a strong presence.”

MA: “Which Franklin Mint collectible has proven to be the best investment for your customers so far?”

GG: “The Franklin Mint does not create or market products with an eye toward investment value. The true value in our products is in the pleasure it give the collector. Secondary market value is controlled by factors no one can predict, so we never focus on investment value as a reason to acquire our products.”

MA: “Over the years The Franklin Mint has received a number of awards and accolades. What are some that you are proudest for The Franklin Mint to have earned?”

GG: “Very recently, The Franklin Mint received the Corporate Yellow Ribbon of Honor Award at the Tony Orlando Salute to Veterans event in Branson Missouri, recognizing our efforts in supporting American Veteran’s. Knowing that the products we create not only give pleasure to the people who purchase them, but also help support our brave and selfless service men and women is something I have always been proud of. To see that effort recognized on a larger scale is truly amazing.”

MA: “With so many Franklin Mint collectibles to choose from, do you have a personal favorite?”

GG: “While I have collected many of our products, from coins to model cars, my personal favorite has always been our dolls. Our Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Portrait Doll is my latest acquisition and she is truly a beautiful addition to my collection.”

MA: “I was told you have an interesting family history in automotive racing that propelled you to join Franklin Mint. Can you tell me more?”

GG: “Ray Harroon, winner of the first Indianapolis 500 (and creator of the rear view mirror) is a great, great, great uncle of mine. My family has had a passion for the magic of the automobile since its inception that has continued across every generation since.”The Franklin Mint

I enjoyed the chance to learn more from Chief Marketing Officer Gorr. I thank her for her time and her personal insight she shared about the interesting story behind The Franklin Mint.

We have listed The Franklin Mint on Shopping-Bargains® since 2004 and appreciate the chance to share The Franklin Mint coupon codes and deals with our shoppers. Please tell us about your favorite Franklin Mint collectibles in the comments section below.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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