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Five Reasons to Have Food Storage


Five Reasons to Have Food Storage

Food StorageFor thousands of years people have been storing food as an insurance policy against crop failure, famine, war, and natural disasters. Perhaps the most famous ancient example comes from the Biblical account of Joseph. As second-in-command in Egypt, Joseph collected and stored enormous supplies of grain in preparation for the prophesied seven lean years. He was credited with saving Egypt and much of the region from starvation during a severe famine.

Fast forward to today and it seems that the topic of food storage has become a hot issue again in many circles. While many have diligently prepared for emergencies in the past, it seems that the 2008 economic downturn put a renewed interest in the subject of how and why to do long term food storage. This article focuses on five reasons for individuals and families to create a food storage system.

Please note that the five reasons listed below are courtesy of Wise Foods, a company that produces ready-made meals carrying an amazing 25-year shelf life. In addition to providing easy meals for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, the lifespan and “just add water” convenience of Wise Foods’ meals makes them especially ideal as a nutritious long-term food storage solution.

Let’s face it. The thought of food storage is a bit daunting right? We know, we get it. With that being said, the reason it’s constantly discussed and we’re pushed to get it done is because of how truly important it is. More importantly the uncertainties we face are out of our control, yet we have complete control on how we prepare for it.

At Wise Foods, we’ve explored, experienced and truly innovated food storage. The purpose of food storage is to be ready for any situation. Beyond a simple 72 hour kit, we’ve complied the top reasons to have food storage.

1. Natural Disasters

Unfortunately for some, you’re put into a situation because of a particular crisis. This could be anything from an earthquake, flood, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes — the list is never ending it feels like. It’s common for most of us to think, “that will never to happen to me”, but believe me it does. Luckily though, if you’ve prepared for such a tragic event you’ll be ready to face it.

2. Food Preparation

As you work to prepare your food storage plan, you’ll find that it teaches you about the fundamentals of food preparation. As you buy foods for your food storage you’ll notice certain foods have different shelf life, have certain types of preparation, etc. This makes you consider all types of things as you compile your food storage.

3. Emergency Prepardness

I can think of a handful of things we pay for on a monthly basis that are as important as food storage. We know they’ll pay off for us. We should all think about Food Storage the same way. Food storage is no different and will no doubt pay dividends when you and your family enter into a time of need or desperation.

4. Unemployment

With the current economic crisis going up and down, a lot have been left without jobs. As a way to relieve some stress, food storage can bring happiness to you knowing your family can have food on the table.

5. Peace of Mind

With all of these points about proper food storage the key is to have peace of mind for you and your loved one. For us at Wise Foods, we take an innovative approach in providing ready-made food storage meals. We make your emergency food supply dependable, simple, and most importantly — affordable.

Scenarios like unemployment, ice storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, and inflationary pressures can make it difficult to provide for one’s family. A carefully prepared food storage system provides additional resources (and peace of mind) during such times of need.

As a side benefit, many people find that they eat a healthier diet when they think about food with a long-term perspective. Whole and unprocessed or lightly processed foods tend to last longer in storage and so setting up a food storage rotation system along these lines can translate into eating better than they were before.

In short, food storage is a way to provide now for anticipated future needs when resources are scarce or unavailable. Whatever your reasons for food storage may be, the bottom line is you are able to provide for your family during times of difficulty and that is a good thing.

We invite you to visit our Wise Foods coupons page for an exclusive discount and free shipping offer. In addition to their innovative products, at Wise Foods you will find a wealth of emergency preparation information that can help you quickly build your food storage today and prepare for potential challenges in the future. We also invite you to visit our food storage companies directory for more food storage specials.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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