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Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping


Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday ShoppingThe Thanksgiving shopping season typically sees some of the best sales and special pricing available for the whole year. We’ve tried to make it easier for you to relax at home this Thanksgiving holiday and weekend while not missing a single sale.

This year, you can take advantage of the many Thanksgiving sales online and avoid the crowds, the traffic and the hassle of traditional shopping. Imagine a day without lugging around heavy bags of groceries and instead having them delivered to your door!

To prepare for this busy shopping time of the year, we have created links to a number of limited-time sales — including Thanksgiving Sales and Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales. Please note that these listings will only contain links to active store sales.

This year Thanksgiving day is November 22. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is the official beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. It’s called Black Friday because it marks the beginning of the time of year in which retailers are in the black (i.e., they are turning a profit instead of being “in the red” financially).

While Black Friday is usually one of the busiest days of the year in terms of customer traffic, it is not always the biggest in terms of expenditures. That day is usually the Saturday before Christmas.

Since the advent of Internet shopping, another trend was observed on the Monday immediately following Black Friday. On that day, millions of shoppers return to work after a tired Black Friday weekend of shopping and use their office computers and broadband Internet connections to purchase en mass online. When this Internet trend was observed and reported on, the day quickly became known as Cyber Monday, the big online shopping day.

This year Cyber Monday is on November 26. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday marks the official start of the online shopping season for Christmas gift buying. While many people expect that Cyber Monday must be the biggest online shopping day of the year, like Black Friday, it typically is not. That honor usually falls somewhere between December 5-15.

So with this dose of trivia and our easy online shopping links, I hope you can relax a bit more and enjoy this Thanksgiving season a lot more. I invite you to take advantage of the great sales and do some online shopping with us. You’ll enjoy saving lots of money and getting a jump on finishing all your Christmas shopping the easier way.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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