Money-Saving Tips & Recommendations Makes Holiday Shopping a Little Easier on Your Time and Budget!

Shopping-Bargains Makes Holiday Shopping a Little Easier on Your Time and Budget!

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year that makes us all go a little crazy when it comes to holiday shopping. Maybe it’s the list of people to buy for, the hundreds of email offers and store sales that we sort through trying to find the best deal, or if its plain old holiday spirit that encourages a lot of us to blow the budget on our holiday spending.

For me, the holiday season is really two holidays, my husband’s family is Jewish and my family is Christian, so with 8 wonderful nights of Hanukkah and one lovely Christmas day, we are talking a lot of gifts to buy!

I don’t know about you, but the thought of hitting the mall with all those thousands of people — especially with my two kids in tow — doesn’t exactly sound like a dream. So like many others, I’ve started doing my holiday shopping online.

Of course online shopping can take some finesse, emails from stores fill you inbox, with “click here for this discount” and “click there for free this or that”, not to mention all the bargains we miss out on because we simple didn’t know that a coupon code exists. That fact alone is enough to drive a bargain hunting girl like me crazy!

Then you make your decision on what to buy and who to buy from, but wait, “what was that coupon code?” and “oh no, did that store have a better deal?” and my favorite “Now where did that email go, I know it was in my inbox some where!” So while avoiding long checkout lines, crowded parking lots, annoying traffic and bad weather, online shopping does add a few of its own twists.

Yes, welcome to my online shopping experience — well, I should say past experience. All that changed this year as I have come to appreciate the wonders of a coupon site! But first let me tell you about how I came across this coupon site.

After my husband returned from a conference earlier this year he told me about meeting Mike Allen, the founder of which is a coupon site with more than 1,000 online stores in their directory. I was amazed since they had, in one place, all the coupon codes that I had been looking for from all the stores that I shopped online. I was hooked!

Wait there’s more to this story. My husband also told me that was planning to hire soon. OK so I would get to talk about shopping, write about shopping, and tell other people about saving money while shopping… Was this my dream job or what!

To make a long story short, in October I began doing some marketing and consulting work for I have to admit, I do love a good bargain and sharing those bargains is even more fun.

With that in mind, there are many benefits to using a coupon site like For example, have you ever wondered if a store that you want to shop even offers a discount? Go to and type in the store name in their search box and wha-la, all the coupons and deals for that store are displayed.

Using I am able to bounce around from store to store, checking out bargains and making purchases quickly and easily from the stores’ own web sites but being able to grab a coupon code before I go to them. Although it’s a “virtual shopping experience,” it’s really a lot like shopping at a real shopping mall but this time armed with a whole stack of coupons!

I also like being able to see all the stores and their offers in one place. It makes the whole shopping experience go so much quicker and more efficient. I don’t even have to type in a single store web address. I just go to and start shopping. The home page has more than 30 of the latest deals from their most popular stores. Or if you prefer, the handy search box allows you to go to the stores that you are most interested in to find their latest offers.

You can even sign up for a daily or weekly newsletter that is tailored to you and your shopping habits. The really nice thing is you can then opt out of all the store-sent emails that junk up your inbox and get all the discount and sale information you want in one nice and neat newsletter from

Does using guarantee that you won’t blow your holiday budget? Not at all. But the deals that you get on your favorite products from your favorite stores will make this years’ holiday shopping season a little easier to bear. And the time savings alone just might make your holiday season even more memorable.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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