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Shop Bargains Facebook App Enhancements


Shop Bargains Facebook App Enhancements

Over the past few days we completed some enhancements to our Shop Bargains Facebook Application. One of these enhancements allows Shop Bargains app users to edit the deal categories that appear on their Facebook profile page.

Facebook left navigationFor example, let’s say Mary is interested in books, traveling, and maternity deals and wants them to appear on their Facebook profile page. Assuming Mary has installed this app (which she can do here), she should go to the app’s “canvas page” by clicking the Shop Bargains link in her Facebook account’s left navigation (as illustrated on the left). From there she will be taken to the app’s main page (the canvas page) where she can customize the deal categories appearing on her profile, invite her friends to install this app, and browse our coupons and deals.

In our example, Mary is interested in seeing books, traveling and maternity deals on her profile page. To make this happen, Mary will need to begin by clicking on the “Edit Profile” text on the top of the app’s canvas page as shown in the illustration below.

Facebook Canvas Page - Edit Profile

From this point, Mary will see options for editing her Facebook’s profile display. There are 33 categories for Mary to choose from and she can select as many or as few as she wishes. Simply clicking a category name in the “Undisplayed Categories” list will move it to the “Displayed Categories” section.

Facebook Canvas Page - Edit Profile

Facebook Profile Updated - Confirmation MessageIn our example, Mary will select Media (for books), Baby and Maternity, and Travel as illustrated above. Once she clicks “Save Changes” her profile page will be updated. She’ll also see a confirmation message that lets her know the update was successful (as illustrated on the right).

The results are shown below with Mary’s preferred deal categories displayed. She can then view deals from any of her preferred categories by clicking the category name. She can also view all the deals within each currently displayed category using the right and left arrows within the display box as also shown below.Facebook Profile Page View

When Mary sees a deal she likes and wants more details, she simply clicks the link in Facebook. The link opens in a new browser window (or browser tab) on where she is provided additional information and the coupon link or coupon code when applicable. A single click from there and she is shopping!

Please note that while we update our content to the Shop Bargains Facebook Application hourly, updates to your profile and canvas pages are dependent on Facebook and can be delayed. Also, a new deal may not be available for each category with each update.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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