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Shop Bargain Facebook Application Created


Shop Bargain Facebook Application Created

Shop Bargains Facebook ApplicationThe Shop Bargains Facebook Application was launched today for Facebook users. This new tool will display a summary of online coupon codes and shopping deals from to your Facebook profile and canvas pages.

In customizing the type of coupons appearing on your Facebook profile page, you can choose from among 33 categories to receive deals from the ones that interest you. These frequently updated deals provide the store name, the savings opportunity, and the expiration date. A single click takes you from these summary details on Facebook (opening in a new browser window or tab to not overwrite your Facebook view) to the full details page on (and the coupon code when there is one). Armed with this savings information and/or coupon code, a follow-up click takes you shopping!

Facebook canvas pageIf you already have a Facebook account and want to use this app then just click here to add Shop Bargains to your Facebook account. Follow the prompts and you will be up and running soon. If you don’t have a Facebook account and click that link, you will be prompted to sign up (it’s free!).

Once you have installed the Shop Bargains Facebook App you can customize it to your preferences and invite your friends to use it too. There’s also a place to comment on and share your favorite coupons and deals with your friends.

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Facebook is a free social networking directory made up of individuals’ photographs and names. Facebook also provides a framework for customizing your account by installing fun and useful applications that interact with core Facebook features.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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