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Free sheet music and instrument software downloads; instrument learning resources for musicians


Free sheet music and instrument software downloads; instrument learning resources for musicians

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With the recent ubiquitous popularity of tablets, many musicians are turning to digital sheet music to organize their lessons, practice sessions and performances. There are now numerous online merchants who provide instantaneous sheet music downloads which may be loaded onto portable screens, completely eliminating the need to organize and turn multiple pages, creating smoother performance sessions. has an impressive catalog of over 40,000 digital sheet music titles that has been built on the strength of content agreements with Warner Bros. Publications, BMG, Universal Music Publishing, Famous Music, Peer Music, EMI Christian, Bug Music and others. also carries a complete online catalog of over 250,000 mail-order items making it easy to get the sheet music you are looking for. They have many special offers such as musicnotes promo codes, free software downloads such as Guitar Guru, as well as free iPad and Android apps to display all purchased and downloaded sheet music.

Although not instantly downloadable to your computer, laptop or tablet, another retailer, SheetMusicPlus, makes it easy to find and buy sheet music online. Shop Sheet Music Plus promo codes for a wide variety of sheet music, songbooks and guitar tabs. offers quick shipping, low prices and no hassle returns.

Learning to play a musical instrument with tools found online

The people at Music Wizard believe that the language of music is a birthright and anyone can learn and enjoy playing music. To assist in that end, Music Wizard offers a variety of innovative educational tools and methods to develop the creative musical genius within.

Piano Wizard® was introduced in 2005 and is the creation of Professor Don Beattie and his music partner, Delayna. Together the Beatties created the Piano Wizard Method curriculum which is available in both PC and Mac formats. Piano Wizard products can also be purchased as stand alone software or a software/piano keyboard bundle.

The Music Wizard “game engine” easily adapts to multiple instruments and platforms and include the following products: Piano Wizard, Guitar Wizard, Composer Wizard, Drum Wizard, and Band Wizard. Music Wizard’s products are expandable through WizardTunes which offers MIDI music downloads. Also available is the WizardTunes Music Club for ongoing customers. Music Wizard promo codes, coupon codes and promotions are available online to take advantage of special seasonal deals offered by the company, which add up to incredible savings for aspiring musicians.

Alternatively, Learn & Master currently produces instructional DVD programs for ballroom dance, drums, guitar, piano, and painting. More Learn & Master instructional DVDs are being developed for additional topics. Learn & Master also produces home school editions for several of these instructional courses.

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  1. Wow, the tablets will be great for most muscians. Great idea.

  2. That website looks like a great place to download sheet music. Tablet computers really are helpful. Now I know where to turn for all my violin duet sheet music!

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