Inspirational Story & Video by “Left Thumb Blogger” Glenda Watson Hyatt

Glenda Watson Hyatt is sometimes called the Left Thumb Blogger because she types with only her left thumb. In the inspirational video below, Ms. Hyatt shares how blogging via the WordPress platform changed her life. Simply put, blogging enables her to overcome her disability caused to cerebral palsy and to communicate with others.

Ms. Hyatt, who is a Web Accessibility Consultant, produced this video for a BlogWorld friend to use in a keynote address on how WordPress is changing peoples lives. Please note that the video voice over is synthesized. You can read more on Ms. Hyatt’s blog in her post entitled “How WordPress Has Changed My Life.”

Amazing story, isn’t it? It’s incredible what people can do when they put their mind to it and don’t give up. Wow!

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