Money-Saving Tips & Recommendations

We compiled the following resources to help online shoppers better use our site and take advantage of coupon codes and savings opportunities. We also offer additional information designed to help enhance online shopping safety and convenience.

Help with Using

Coupon Code Instructions — step-by-step instructions for using our online coupon codes and coupon links.

Tips for Our Shoppers — tips for maximizing your experience with us. This article answers some of the “why” questions relating to the way coupons and deals are published on

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions: it’s a  good place to start when you have questions.

Help with Online Shopping in General

Track Shipping Status — this page provides links to delivery companies used by most online stores. When you have a shipment tracking number this list is especially useful for checking on the status of your products as they are being shipped to you.

Secure Online Shopping — we suggest two of our articles that address this subject in detail: “Two Steps to Improve Your Online Shopping Security” and “8 Tips to Maximize Your Online Shopping Experience.”

Password Safety — most online retailers ask you to create an account with them when you shop online. We wrote an article entitled “10 Password Safety Tips + Bonus Tip” to help shoppers improve their online security and protect themselves.

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