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Coupon Code Help

TipWhat we commonly refer to as coupon codes are, in reality, called a variety of things by different retailers. For example, sometimes coupon codes are called promotion codes, promotional codes, promo codes, store codes, discount codes, key codes, voucher codes, source codes, and shopping codes. If you don’t know how to use coupon codes then we suggest you review our basic coupon code instructions guide. This article covers how to use coupon codes and coupon links.

Why Our Links Open in a New Browser Window

In general, our coupon code and promotion links open into a new browser window. That is so you can  refer back to the actual coupon code during checkout when you need to enter it into the shopping cart to activate the savings.

We found that occasionally some shoppers who have installed aggressive popup blocking software may need to choose to enable popups for Please note that we do not employ third party popup or popunder ads.

Dealing with Coupon Code Exclusions

Each coupon code and promotional offer listed with us is subject to the individual retailer’s terms and conditions. All coupon codes and promotions may be altered or canceled without notice and are subject to change. Certain items, categories, and brands are often ineligible for any type of coupon code discount or promotion.

In a similar way, our free shipping specials often contain retailer restrictions. Unless noted otherwise, our free shipping offers refer to shipping within the Continental United States only. They are subject to the retailer’s shipping policy which often includes provisions for overage charges for heavy, bulky, and hard-to-ship items.

In all cases, please refer to our details section for each coupon code and promotion for additional guidance. Be sure to note and follow all coupon code exclusions and special terms. We recommend that shoppers always perform a final review of their online shopping cart before submitting their order. This step is useful for verifying that the coupon code or promotion was applied correctly. Usage Tips

Many people find it helpful to visit everyday since new coupon codes and promotions are added daily. To quickly find our newest details, use the menu option at the top of this page under Coupon Types to display our most recently added coupons and promotions. Under this menu also are other options for exclusive coupons, coupons that expire soon, and more. All these options can be further sorted and refined to your preferences based on  popularity, date added, and expiration date. They can also be sorted alphabetically by store.

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