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FAQFAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and we get a lot of questions. Therefore, we decided it would be a good idea to create an FAQ page so we could share some answers to those questions frequently asked.

How do I use coupon codes?

Please see our “Coupon Code Instructions” help document for details. We also wrote “Tips for Our Shoppers” to provide additional guidance using

Where can I learn about secure online shopping?

We wrote two articles specifically to address this important question: “Two Steps to Improve Your Online Shopping Security” and “8 Tips to Maximize Your Online Shopping Experience.” Here’s another great article by blogger Jenn with 7 tips for protecting yourself from online shopping fraud (be sure to take those screenshots as she suggested!).

I bought something online. How can I track it while it ships?

We created a list of major shipping companies serving most online retailers along with some additional information in our article entitled “Where to Track the Shipping Status for Online Orders.”

How can I contact a real person at Shopping-Bargains?

It can be frustrating dealing with nameless, faceless web sites. That is no us. You can contact our team as follows:

Email: please use our online contact form

Phone: 888-810-8180

Fax: 888-383-1907

Mail:, LLC
2400 Meadowview Cove
West Point, MS 39773

How can I get my store listed on Shopping-Bargains?

You’ll be glad to know that we are always looking for quality retailers to share with our shoppers. Our “List Your Store / Advertise with Us” page provides details for getting your store listed with us.

You don’t charge anything. How do you stay in business?

Ah, this is one of the most common questions people ask us once they get to know us a little bit. Since we’ve heard it a lot over the years we finally answered it on our blog in a post entitled “Question: How Does Shopping-Bargains Make Money?” You may enjoy reading our “About Us” section for some additional details.

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