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Quick Coupon Code Usage Instructions

1CartClick coupon code or coupon link to start shopping.

Our links open in a new browser window so you can retrieve the coupon code later during checkout.



2ActivateActivate the coupon code to receive your discount.

Enter coupon code in shopping cart’s coupon box during checkout. (Sometimes simply clicking link will automatically activate the coupon.)



3WindowVerify discount and submit your order.

Then tell your friends how much you saved so they can enjoy our coupons and bargains too!


Coupon Codes & Coupon Links Defined

There are two primary types of online coupons found on (1) those that consist of a code that must be entered into a shopping cart box during checkout to activate and (2) those are are activated by clicking a special code-embedded link. For the purposes of this article we call the former coupon codes and the latter coupon links.

There are also hybrid coupons that can be activated via a link or a coupon code entered during checkout. Regardless of the type of coupon, we recommend shoppers click our coupon links before completing their order. Tip: Clicking our actual coupon code triggers our system to copy that code for you so you can paste it into your shopping cart at the appropriate time and avoid entry errors. Furthermore, the coupon link often goes to a page with additional details about the coupon. It also gives us credit for the sale which helps us continue offering more and better coupons and promotions.

Detailed Instructions for Using Coupon Codes and Coupon Links

There are many types of online promotions. Some retailers offer special sales on their entire inventory while others selectively discount just a few items. Some feature a seasonal sale while others provide an ongoing clearance section. Many provide coupon codes and coupon links to authorized advertising partners like and rely on us to get the word out for them.

What we call coupon codes are often referred to as promo codes, promotional codes, promotion codes, key codes, discount codes, shopping codes, voucher codes, or another name by different retailers. Regardless of their name, such coupon codes commonly provide significant discounts including free shipping, dollar or percentage off values, a free gift with order, or some other incentive. Coupon code discounts often resemble the following:

$10 off orders of $50 or more

Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more

15% off orders of $30 or more

Free gift with orders of $100 or more

Most of the offers at fit into two major categories: Promotions and Coupons. As noted above, coupons can be in the form of coupon codes or coupon links.

Promotions: In order to benefit from a promotion, our specially coded link must be clicked to automatically activate the benefit.

To shop a promotion, you simply click our link. The link should open a new browser window ready for you to take advantage of the special offer or promotion. When you check out, be sure to verify everything in your shopping cart before submitting the order.

Coupons: Most coupons on our site are in the form of a coupon code. Coupon codes are typically designed to be entered into a special “coupon code” box during checkout to trigger a special discount.

To use a coupon code, follow these basic instructions:

1. Click our coupon code link. It should open up the retailer’s web site within a new browser window where you can begin the process of placing your order.

2. When you have filled your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, enter our coupon code within the retailer’s special coupon box (this is usually done at some stage during the checkout process — locations and coupon entry stages vary by retailer). Be sure to type the coupon code exactly as it is listed on our site — some coupon codes are case sensitive and sometimes a zero and a capital O can be confused.

3. Sometimes you will have to click an activate button or somehow update your shopping cart for the coupon code’s discount to display within the shopping cart.

4. After seeing your discount reflected in the shopping cart’s new total, you can checkout as you normally would. Verify your order before the final submit.

Most online retailers use a process similar to the one described above; however, each one is usually varied somewhat.

Coupon & Promotion Limitations

There are usually restrictions with online coupons and promotions. Most have expiration dates (and even times for some) to be aware of. Most retailers also have certain coupon code exclusions for specific brands, categories, and items. We try to list such details; however, we are often not aware of all coupon limitations. Coupons and promotions are subject to the retailer’s terms and conditions and may change without notice.

Dealing with Problems

If you ever experience problems with a particular coupon code here are a few tips to help you determine what may be the cause.

1. Verify that you entered the correct coupon code with all letters, numbers, and symbols in the correct order and case.

2. Review our coupon details section to see if we noted any exclusions that we are aware of.

3. Verify that all coupon requirements have been met. Common coupon requirements are a minimum order size (often of non-sale or clearance items).

4. Finally, if none of the above helps, contact us and let us know which coupon code is causing problems so we can investigate and remove it if necessary.

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