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Follow Shopping-Bargains on Twitter


Follow Shopping-Bargains on Twitter

TwitterTwitter is a free service for friends, family and others to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of text messages up to 140 characters long. It’s also a great way to quickly share updates, breaking news and, in our case, coupons and bargains. Twitter messages appear on your password-protected account. You can also download free applications so they will appear on your Blackberry, iPhone or similar mobile device. Additionally, you can configure your Twitter account so they will show up as text messages on your regular cell phone.

One of the great things about Twitter is you choose who you want to receive messages from by choosing to follow that person. If they send too many messages, often called tweets, you can simply “unfollow” them. Your friends and associates can likewise follow you so whenever you post a message to your Twitter account they will all receive it.

You can now follow on Twitter and be more in touch with us. We won’t bombard you with messages but will provide periodic notices of new blog posts and a few of our best featured deals.  In general, you will only receive 1-3 messages per day from us. If we don’t have anything “tweetworthy” then you won’t hear from us at all.

If this sounds good to you then hop on over and follow us at Twitter. Most of our messages will also contain convenient links so you can quickly access the coupon or blog post for the rest of the story.

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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