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Fitness Deals to Beat the New Year Rush


Fitness Deals to Beat the New Year Rush

SmartMoneyAround here we’re excited about our latest mention in SmartMoney. This time we were referenced in SmartMoney’s October 25, 2010 Deal of the Day entitled “Fitness Deals to Beat the New Year Rush.” This article, written by SmartMoney reporter Sarah Morgan, covers three ways to save of gym memberships this fall. SmartMoney is part of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

The main point I made that was included in this article has to do with ways to save on gym membership fees. One way is to offer to pay membership fees upfront in exchange for a discount. I pointed out some examples of gym membership savings available at 24 Hour Fitness gyms. By prepaying membership fees and/or joining for longer timeframes, such as 15 months or even 2 years, many gyms offer significantly reduced membership fees. For example, we have published a variety of 24 Hour Fitness coupons and deals that you can use at their 400+ local gyms.

In conclusion, we are pleased when we can share more money-saving ideas with others. We are flattered that Sarah Morgan of SmartMoney felt our ideas merited inclusion in her article. As founder of I thank her for the positive reference.

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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