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We Now Offer Customer-Based Store Ratings & Reviews


We Now Offer Customer-Based Store Ratings & Reviews

I’m pleased to announce that today we implemented RateVoice’s ratings and reviews software into the system. This move allows our shoppers to comment on and rate their experiences with and feelings about individual stores. This store ratings and reviews system is fully functional across our full suite of shopping sites.

With more than 2,000 different stores listed on all our websites, I wanted to offer our shoppers a better chance to shop with confidence. I wanted our customers to be able to read up on past customer service and satisfaction records as documented by other shoppers. Based on our own site visitors’ feedback, this option is especially helpful for little-known retailers who don’t yet enjoy the benefits of a nationally-recognized name and reputation.

In our store reviews and ratings system, we’re offering a familiar five-star rating system and a reviews box on every one of our store pages.  Reviews are not purchased or aggregated from other sites but are written by our own site visitors. They are not shared with other sites but are uniquely ours. Ratings are instantaneously calculated while reviews are held for moderation to prevent spam. Profanity is automatically hashed out by the RateVoice system.

I shop online a lot. In the interest of full disclosure please note that I will periodically offer my own reviews based on my personal experiences as a customer. For these reviews you will see that I write transparently under my own name (Mike Allen) and based on actual transactions with these retailers. Please read our blog disclosure policy linked below for additional details on my relationship with the retailers listed on our sites.

I invite you to participate in this effort by adding your comments and evaluations to our individual store ratings and reviews sections. I look forward to reading your feedback and scores whether negative or positive.

Update on June 22, 2012 — This week we rolled out a new rating and review system that should be even easier to use. Reviews on our old system were migrated to the new one.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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