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The Science Behind Food Storage


The Science Behind Food Storage

Mylar Packages

Airtight Nitrogen Packed Mylar Pouches

Many people are prepared for a variety of worrisome scenarios including food shortage due to natural disasters, supply disruptions, unemployment, and rising food prices. The increased popularity of long-term food storage among the general public has encouraged us to look for ways to help consumers save money as they build up an “emergency fund” of food. To that end we have created a directory of quality food storage companies along with their coupons and promotions.

One of the food storage companies we list is Wise Foods which offers a variety of ready-made meals that carry an amazing 25-year shelf life! In addition to providing a very convenient food storage solution, these easy-to-store-and-prepare, “just add water” meals are popular among campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Wise Foods has provided us with some short articles to share with our readers to introduce various food storage technologies and answer consumer questions. The following explains the science behind Wise Foods and many other food storage company’s products:

When it comes to food storage, few people actually consider the science behind the process. All they know is that storing food in the proper container helps to prevent the food from becoming stale. Yet, gaining a better understanding of the science behind the process of food storage will go a long way toward helping you keep your food fresh and ready to eat whenever you need it. At Wise Food Storage it’s something we take pride in.

The Mylar Pouch

One item that is regularly used with food storage is the Mylar bag. Scientifically referred to as boPET, Mylar is used in a number of different applications. Aside from being used for food storage, Mylar is also used in insulation for homes and electrical wiring. It is also used to protect comic books and other collectibles from moisture and temperature variations. It is even used in spacesuits. Given all that Mylar is capable of doing, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is also a highly effective tool for food storage.

The reason Mylar is so effective with food storage is quite simple: it keeps the food protected from the air. While air is necessary for our survival, it is highly detrimental to food due to the gasses that it contains. Oxygen is particularly problematic because it helps mold grow and expedites spoilage. It is for this reason that it is important to get as much oxygen out of the package as possible before storing food.

While food manufactures use expensive equipment to suck the oxygen out of the packaging while replacing it with a gas that assists with preservation, the same effect can be accomplished with the help of a Mylar storage bag. When properly flushed and sealed, the Mylar bag can create a vacuum barrier that keeps the good gases in while keeping the oxygen out.

In fact, with the help of a quality Mylar bag, freeze dried food from Wise Foods can actually remain stored for up to 25 years!

Please note that storing Mylar bags of food in a cool and dark place also extends the life of your food storage. Nitrogen is an inert gas that is usually used to displace oxygen and preserve foods for long-term storage; however, Mylar bags can be punctured by rodents and other pests so we suggest placing them in a sturdy bucket or container to further protect your emergency food supply.  Using airtight buckets can also protect your food from the damaging effects of moisture while keeping the packages clean and free of dust and dirt.

We invite you to visit our Wise Foods promotions page for an exclusive discount and free shipping coupon. At Wise Foods you will find a variety of long-term food storage meal packets in a range of savory flavors. Wise Foods also provides additional product information on their website that can help you conveniently build your food storage supply and prepare for future contingencies and/or rising food prices.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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  1. Great post Mike. I am a huge proponent of Food Storage and have used this stuff before it is great and it tastes pretty good too.

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