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Ten Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts


Ten Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Like me, I’m sure many of you get tired of moving from the keyboard to the mouse and back to the keyboard when using a web browser. Surely there must be an easier way to fill out web forms and navigate webpages you may think.

Well, I’m happy to report that there are a number of web browser keyboard shortcuts that allow you to skip the mouse altogether for many common web browser tasks. Others keyboard shortcuts can be combined with your mouse to perform Internet tasks quicker or easier.

Here are ten helpful keyboard shortcuts that work with most web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

1. Move the Cursor to the Browser’s Address Field [Ctrl] + [L]

If you want to visit another website and are ready to type the address in the address bar then you can use this keyboard shortcut to bring your cursor to the address field so you can start typing.

2. Instant .com Address [Ctrl] + [Enter]

If you want to visit a .com website, all you have to do is type the website’s name (the portion between the www. and the .com) and when you press these keys together your web browser will add the http://www. and .com portions of the web address and automatically take you to that website.

3. Scroll Down One Screen [Space]

Tired of scrolling? Use your spacebar to jump down one screen.

4. Scroll Up One Screen [Shift] + [Space]

You can quickly jump up one screen with this shortcut.

5. Go Back One Page [Backspace]

Tired of hitting the back button? You can use your backspace key instead to go back to the last page you visited.

6. Go Forward One Page [Shift] + [Backspace]

Changed your mind and want to see that page again? Use this shortcut to go forward one page.

7. Open a Link in a New Window [Shift] + [Click]

Sometimes it’s nice to open a link in a new browser window instead of letting it overwrite the page you are reading. Just use this shortcut to open most links in a new browser window (or on a new tab with some browsers).

8. Open a New Tab within the Browser Window [Ctrl] + [T]

Most newer web browser versions have a tabbed interface where you can open up multiple websites within one browser window. This tabbed feature makes it convenient to quickly move back and forth among several websites at once without having to minimize and maximize windows.

9. Search Within the Current Page [Ctrl] + [F]

If you are looking for a certain word or phrase on the page you are viewing but don’t want to read the whole page you can use the browser’s search feature. Please note that this tool does not account for spelling errors and only finds exact keyword or phrase matches.

10. Print the Current Page [Ctrl] + [P]

This shortcut prints the webpage you are currently viewing.

    Please note that the keyboard shortcuts above may only function as described for recent versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. I did not test other web browsers.

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