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Symantec Technical Support & Customer Service for Norton Software


Symantec Technical Support & Customer Service for Norton Software

At Shopping-Bargains we publish a variety of Symantec coupon codes and deals for Norton products including the ever-popular Norton software titles. Most customers purchase this software online and then download immediately. Such a process is quick, generally costs less and is very convenient compared to traditional boxed software. However, with this convenience comes a few potential problems. Since no physical product is purchased, some customers occasionally have problems downloading and activating their Norton installation software. Others accidentally delete their installation file or lose their Symantec license code.

Fortunately, Symantec provides customers with detailed online assistance at the Norton Support Center. The following services are available from Symantec:

  • Technical Support – including installation, error messages and LiveUpdate services
  • Customer Service – including subscriptions, product activation, downloads, returns and rebates
  • Other Information – including spyware and virus detection and removal help

Symantec customers in the United Kingdom have access to the same type of assistance and should visit the UK Norton Support Centre. Shopping-Bargains UK also publishes voucher codes and bargains for Norton products.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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  1. I suggest you download and run the Norton Removal Tool. This tool is designed to help you uninstall or remove a failed installation or a damaged Norton product.

  2. How do I get rid of Symantec on my laptop, in order to install another virus program.

  3. Evemane — I suggest you visit the Norton Support Center via the link in the article above and click the Norton Product Support section for assistance with your subscription. From there you will also have access to Norton’s live chat options 24 hours a day or you can select the option to leave your phone number for a Norton representative to call you back within a few minutes.

  4. i brought a virus protection for my computer in dec 2010 and something was with my pc i had to completely start from scratch. so i cant find my disc for norton utility to reinstall the program. what am i suppose to do. i have warraty for a year

  5. David and others — just a quick note here about Symantec support. Since this information can be hard to find we provided the above support information as a resource for Symantec customers. is not part of the Symantec company so we cannot provide actual assistance regarding your Norton customer service inquiries, billing, and subscriptions. We also do not have access to your Norton account and order details. Please use the links above to contact the official Symantec customer support team to resolve billing and technical support issues.

  6. I arranged to renew my subscription on 17 August 2010, following a prompt on my screen. I paid my subscription of £61.98 on that date and received confirmation of the product paid for, Norton 360 tm Version 4.0, along with Norton Download tm Insurance. My Credit Card provider confirms that payment was made to NORTON SOFTWARE 0276165600 for the sum of £61.98 on 17 August. My screen keeps informing me that I am no longer covered due to non payment. Please arrange to have this problem rectified without delay.

  7. I was up til midnight last night working with your chat person to install the 2010 upgrade for my Norton Subscription. I renewed this subscription on 2/6/10, why did I not get the new version then. Your neglect for this upgrade caused my computer to be infected with a worm according to your technician who wrote me stating, “The ccEmail Proxy error message issue may occur due to the corrupted Nortan program files”. He found that I still had the 2009 version and needed to be upgraded to the 2010 to fix this problem. I have 246 days remaining on this subscription. I expect you to extend my subscription for an additional 119 days that I was without this protection.

  8. trying to install Norton on a second computer. It accepted the product key with no problem but that is it. It now says configuration not complete, I have no protection on this computer. The first computer is ok. ;please e-mail me, getting help in this area cost two hundred bucks, I do not have it.

  9. will not stop running live up date and full sine run all day

  10. will not stop running up date

  11. I have gotten a notice that popped us on my screen saying I was infected with quite a few trojens viruses. It wanted me to down load it for deletion of these viruses….It was not you and I moved over to Norton and scanned (a quick scan) nothing serious showed up and it said I was protected…/What is this going on? The name is” Personal antivirus set up” Please help me to know what is going on!!!!! e-mail me asap or call me 540 xxx xxxx N. Pezalla

  12. promblem with installing my norton product

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