Money-Saving Tips & Recommendations is Ten Years Old

Shopping-Bargains is Ten Years Old

10 yearsToday is the 10 year anniversary of! We are very excited to have hit that milestone. Over the next few weeks we’re planning to roll out some special promotions in honor of our decade of helping people save money.

Looking back from our tiny beginnings, it’s been an amazing decade. In 1999, online shopping was viewed as the way of the future. The “dotcom bubble” ensued as lots of dreams and billions of dollars were invested into this space. However, in spite of the hype and promises, few dotcoms understood how to deliver a good online shopping experience and even fewer made a profit. Over the next two years, hundreds of online retailers went out of business (the “dotbomb” as some called it) when they ran out of venture capital and lost millions of dollars.

By 2003, however, people began to take a second look at online shopping. In spite of previous failures, there really were definite benefits and cost savings to this medium. Over the next few years many big brands and dotcom era survivors essentially got things right and found success. Within a few years most of the U.S. population had bought something online.

Fast forward to 2009. Online shopping is viewed as mainstream. Even in a down economic environment, Internet shopping is growing. People are turning to coupon and deal sites like ours by the millions to maximize their savings. We are enjoying this newfound popularity and are continuing to innovate. We’re continually adding additional stores and features for our shoppers to take advantage of the latest coupons, deals and trends.

It’s been an interesting and rewarding ten years! I personally thank all our shoppers and retail partners for their support in making us successful over this decade. We have truly enjoyed helping people save money. We also look forward to continuing our services through the second decade and beyond.

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  1. Congrats! I can’t believe it has been ten years. Hope the next ten are even better!

  2. Happy Birthday,!!

    Onwards and upwards!

  3. Congrats Mike, I applaud your long term success and wish you many more years!

    Hope the family is doing well!

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