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My Visit to Computer Geeks (


My Visit to Computer Geeks (

A few weeks ago in October I had the privilege of going to Oceanside, California and visiting the headquarters of Computer Geeks, also known as (pictured on left with me standing in front). I was very impressed with their facility, staff, warehouse and operations. In addition to offering some amazing prices on computers, electronics and accessories, they also are known for quick shipping. I have ordered from them many times both personally and for my company and have nothing but positive experiences to share.

It was good to hear that things were going well for Computer Geeks. I was told that was in the process of adding another large warehouse to better handle inventories and serve their customers. ships everything from their Oceanside warehouse and manages all their ecommerce needs on site also. As many customers know already, they have great product photos and descriptions and I found out why — they have a dedicated team of authors and photographers on site who cover these areas with unusual detail. Very creative photo studio, I might add. is an impressive company. Their president sits at a cubicle just like the majority of the company’s employees around him. Dress code was casual yet the company atmosphere was very professional and innovative. It looked like followed their low-cost pricing model by living frugally themselves. I didn’t see extravagance or waste which impressed me.

I have some photos to share below that graciously let me take during my lunchtime tour.

Here are a couple photos of their large warehouse and shipping area. I was not able to visit the new warehouse they were transitioning some operations over to.

Below is one of my favorite places since what is in this room is essentially This photo only captures a portion of the racks, servers, cables and so forth required to power the ecommerce back-end and website. It’s an impressive feeling to stand in a room and listen to the whirl of fans knowing that millions of transactions have occurred right there and thousands of people were being served as I looked on.

In conclusion, I appreciated the opportunity to visit Computer Geeks and see what happens behind the scenes. I was thoroughly impressed. As a customer for many years, I have enthusiastically recommended them since 2004 to our shoppers and do so now with even more enthusiasm. Over the years has also sponsored prizes for a number of our prize challenges and I have appreciated their support of us.

I leave you with this tip: next time you shop at, use our exclusive coupon code and save even more off their already great prices!

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    thank you for the report and sharing the picture. I’m a student in Germany and I’m writing my Master thesis about Computer Warehouses right now. Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures of Computer warehouses on the internet. May I ask whether you could provide me with more pictues of a computer warehouse please?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

    • Thank you for contacting us, Ralf. This post was written years ago and I don’t have any other photos that we are authorized to share.

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