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Four Tips for Employers Posting Jobs on


Four Tips for Employers Posting Jobs on is part of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW) and is the leading online employment solution for both job hunters and employers.  Since establishing their “digital recruiting” beginning in 1994, Monster Worldwide now services an expansive international job market with presences in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

What began simply as a “job board” at is now a full array of innovative job seeking, career management, employee recruitment, and talent management products and services for both prospective employees and employers. Today millions of workers and tens of thousands of employers depend on Monster to provide them with expert services related to their job needs.

As an employer, there are several ways you can make your Job Ad stand out from the rest and encourage quality prospective employees to respond favorably to your job ad. These posting jobs tips can help you fill your job opening quicker and at a lower recruitment cost.

  1. Carefully select your company’s listing template or get to design a custom Enhanced Job Branding template just for you with personalized colors, photos and your company’s branding.
  2. Enhance your company’s image with a Monster Video Profile that shows job seekers some of the exciting things about working for your company.
  3. Use Monster’s Job Profile or Profile Plus features so you can include a company profile with your job ad. Profile Plus provides space for your company logo and a link to your website within your job listing.
  4. Set up Advanced Screening Questionnaires so you can quickly focus on the best candidates interested in your job ad — you will not only be able to pre-screen and rank job candidates before viewing their resumes but you can automatically send passed and rejected letters to those applicants.

When you are ready to post a job ad on we suggest you visit this Monster coupons page. There we publish an assortment of the latest links for job advertising coupons and other employer discount promotions applicable to

This post was last updated on July 19, 2023.

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