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Flowers & Food and Gifts & Party Expanded


Flowers & Food and Gifts & Party Expanded

Today we completed some extensive renovations and additions within two of our online shopping departments. We revamped our Flowers & Food section and created a new Gifts & Party section.

Under these sections a number of new sub-departments were created and some were reorganized. The reason for this update was to better match similar stores according to shopper interests. For example, many online florists also sell chocolate and candy gifts. Many people also choose to send gourmet food gifts just like they would send flowers. Because of this common overlap, it seemed to be a good fit to list online florists and gourmet food retailers together.

We also better sorted our food retailers into popular categories like Cake & Cookies, Chocolate & Candy, Coffee & Tea, Fruit & Nuts, Meat & Cheese, and Seafood. We created a new Meals category for stores specializing in delivering chef-prepared meals and appetizers.

Similarly, when people are looking for gifts they often buy collectibles, personalized gifts, gift baskets, and even membership within specialty gift of the month clubs. While there are overlaps here with our Flowers & Food department, for the sake of how people are shopping we felt it made sense to devote a unique listing to these areas of interest. We created a new Gift of the Month section and also moved our Corporate Gifts section to this new department.

Additionally, since parties and gifts are often simultaneously on one’s mind, we moved our Party Supplies, Costumes, Gift Baskets, and Wedding & Bridal sections to our new Gifts & Party department. Other similar categories moved here include Candles, Christmas, Collectibles, Gift Certificates, Personalized Gifts and Unique Gifts.

We hope these changes make it easier to navigate our site and better find and compare similar stores that interest you. If you have any suggestions for these or other departments on our site then I invite you to add your comments below.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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