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Five Gas-Saving Tips


Five Gas-Saving Tips

With gas prices so high I wanted to pass on five simple tips for enhancing your vehicle’s gas mileage.

  1. Did you know that gas pumps measure by volume but not density? Gas is more dense when cool which means if you fill up during the coolest time of day you are buying the most dense gas per gallon. Translated into something easy to understand, that means you are getting a little more gas for your money during the coolest time of day.
  2. Keeping your car’s windows closed when driving down the highway reduces your vehicle’s drag and makes it easier for the car to overcome wind resistance. The result is an increase in your gas mileage.
  3. Keeping your tires inflated fully to the manufacturers recommendations improves efficiency. Fully inflated tires require less fuel to move than under-inflated ones.
  4. Removing excess items from your vehicle means your car has less weight to move around than before. That means it won’t take as much energy to move it over the same distance and speed. It’s amazing how many things seem to automatically appear in the trunk, floor and seats over time so take some time and remove the unnecessary things.
  5. Plan ahead for hilly areas. If you accelerate, it is more efficient to do so before reaching the hill than while driving up it.

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  1. I really appreciate these very informative tips. I will put them in action immediately because these
    gas prices are rising again, ridiculous isn’t it.

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