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Entrepreneurs & Business: The Power of a Creative Idea


Entrepreneurs & Business: The Power of a Creative Idea

Creative people amaze me.  I’m also impressed by the innovations and entrepreneurial risks taken by most small business owners.  When somebody combines creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial effort that’s a powerful formula that I find very fascinating.

One such incredibly creative example I came across this week is This website/business was thought up and implemented by Shmuly Tennenhaus and combines politics and yarmulkes or kippahs, which are thin, slightly-rounded skullcaps traditionally work by Orthodox Jewish men. Tennenhaus, based in Seattle, created the 2008 Presidential Kippah Collection with a stylish version for supporters of each Presidential candidate. These kippahs are affectionately called The Obamica and The McCippah and sell for $15.95 with free shipping.  For those not into politics, Tennenhaus sells a neutral one known as The Hot Kippah. reports that other trendy kippahs are forthcoming including the Bluetooth Kippah and the Ringtone Yarmulke.

This fun website store got me thinking about the power of a creative idea coupled with a little (sometimes a lot) of perserverence, work and, of course, risk. The result of such a combination is a business that you own and control. It is your creation and something that can move you and change people’s lives.

So with that in mind I wanted to encourage our readers to aim high, be creative, take risks and succeed at their dreams. If Tennenhaus can sell fashion forward kippahs with political statements then perhaps your idea can succeed as well.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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