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Couple's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band


Couple's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

We recently added a new online jewelry store named Apples of Gold Jewelry to our directory at This week one of their marketing managers sent me the following helpful information for couples to use when choosing wedding bands. I wish I had known all this — especially the parts about metals — when my wife and I were selecting our wedding bands.

Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is choosing the wedding bands. While the wedding itself lasts only a few hours, the wedding bands will symbolize a couples’ love and commitment to each other for a lifetime. It is an important decision that, with a little guidance, can be a fun and rewarding process.

Types of Metal

The three basic types of metals that wedding bands are made from include gold, platinum and titanium. All of these metals are strong enough to last a lifetime, although titanium is by far the strongest of the three.

Gold: Wedding bands come in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Yellow and white gold are more traditional choices, while rose gold is making a strong comeback as a unique and beautiful option for wedding bands.

Platinum: Platinum bands look nearly identical to white gold wedding bands, but the metal is more durable and less likely to darken with time. Also, price is a consideration with platinum since it can be three times as costly as gold for the same style of band.

Titanium: The strongest metal for wedding bands, titanium is a popular option, especially among men. It has a sleek look and is an extremely strong metal that will not dent or scratch like gold or platinum. When purchasing a titanium wedding band, make sure to order the ring in your exact size – titanium is not good for soldering due to its strength, and therefore cannot be easily resized.

Match the Ring with Your Personal Style

Finding the perfect wedding band is an incredibly personal decision. It will hypothetically be worn for the rest of your life, and should reflect your individual taste and aesthetic. If you enjoy elegant, traditional styles you might be happiest with a simple gold band. However, if your taste is more eclectic, a wedding band with a hammered finish or diamonds is a great choice.

Many women’s wedding bands are diamond-encrusted to compliment the diamond band of an engagement ring. Though many couples choose to match their bands to the engagement ring, this practice is not required. In fact, many women choose to wear only their wedding band for the sake of comfort and utility, so the engagement ring and band are rarely worn together.

Newlyweds hunting for the perfect band should also take into account their lifestyles and activity levels. If they spend every weekend hiking in the great outdoors, or all day working manual labor, they might want to choose a strong metal. Though it may be striking, an elaborate band with gemstones and soft gold does not offer the practical durability of a titanium band or even a gold hammered band, which will easily hide natural wear and tear.

Work Within a Budget

Couples shopping for wedding bands should always keep a budget in mind. Otherwise, it can be tempting to spend more than intended while perusing ring options. Take the time to sit down and have an earnest discussion with your significant other about your budget for rings. If you do this before you begin shopping, making a decision will be easier and more satisfying.

For couples on a budget, remember to search online jewelry stores. Since online retailers do not pay rent on a physical store or employ salespeople, their overhead cost is significantly lower than many jewelers. As a result, their prices for the same style ring can be significantly lower. The perfect wedding band at a perfect price for your pocketbook? Priceless.

This advice, especially the last section about working within a budget, is very fitting for a bargain-oriented shopping site since we publish a variety of Apples of Gold coupon codes. These coupon codes can save you even more when you shop for your engagement ring and wedding bands.

When you’re ready to buy those special rings, be sure to check out the fine jewelry selections at Apples of Gold Jewelry. You just might be surprised at what you can save without compromising quality or style.

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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  1. Great article! Getting my wife the diamond she wanted was easy. I payed close attention to her subtle hints she dropped when we would discuss our future. But when ti came to the metal of the band, I had no clue. I found some websites that has all this information and some more that really helped me make my decision ( and if you were wondering).
    With all the knowledge I accumulated from these websites, I was able to make a confident decision on the metal for my wife.
    Here are some factoids I found interesting:
    Platinum is pure and luxurious. It is 30 times more rarer than gold! Platinum does not tarnish and it retains its color. It is hypoallergenic for those who’s skin is irritated from other metals.
    Most of all, platinum holds the diamonds more securely than any other metal.
    To find more information, check out these websites, you wont regret it!
    Good luck,

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