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Money-Saving Tips & Recommendations

Food Storage

Freeze-Dry & Dehydration Process for Wise Food Storage

The process of turning perishable foods like vegetables and cooked meals into a shelf-stable product that remains safe, nutritious, and palatable two to three decades later is impressive to say the least. Not only does such an innovative technology allow one to lock in future food needs at today’s prices, but it helps millions of…

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Five Reasons to Have Food Storage

For thousands of years people have been storing food as an insurance policy against crop failure, famine, war, and natural disasters. Perhaps the most famous ancient example comes from the Biblical account of Joseph. As second-in-command in Egypt, Joseph collected and stored enormous supplies of grain in preparation for the prophesied seven lean years. He…

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The Science Behind Food Storage

Many people are prepared for a variety of worrisome scenarios including food shortage due to natural disasters, supply disruptions, unemployment, and rising food prices. The increased popularity of long-term food storage among the general public has encouraged us to look for ways to help consumers save money as they build up an “emergency fund” of…

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Freeze Dried Food Storage: How Long Does It Last?

We feel it is wise to be prepared for disasters of all kind and have included several quality food storage companies in our shopping directory. One such company is Wise Foods which offers a variety of ready-made meals that carry a staggering 25-year shelf life! In addition to serving as a viable long-term food storage…

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