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Browse Our "Made in USA" Products Section


Browse Our "Made in USA" Products Section

USAWe’ve probably all heard many news stories over the past months about recalls of dangerous products imported from China. First there was the tainted ingredients used in pet food that killed perhaps 10,000 dogs in the United States. Later it was millions of toys containing lead paint that were frantically recalled. And there were more.

These news stories and the wide scale recalls reinforce the belief of many that American products, especially toys, are safer than cheap imports in large part due to better quality control measures and regulation. That’s one reason why many shoppers are now very interested in knowing where the products they purchase were made. However, finding the country of origin for online products is often difficult because most websites don’t provide that kind of detail and we can’t pick up the product and read the package or label.

So with that goal in mind, we’re working to make things easier for millions of shoppers to buy American. We’re contacting the online marketing departments of hundreds of stores asking them to provide country of origin information on their websites. We’re also asking these stores to create a “Made in USA” section on their site that highlight American-made products so it’s even easier to shop for American-made products first.

To promote other store’s American-made product sections, yesterday we created our own “Made in USA” section on with links to their American-made product sections. We’re hoping this section will grow into a main feature on

With these efforts underway I am optimistic that together we can better protect consumers and strengthen the U.S. economy. If the idea takes off the national impact would be huge.

Here are three reasons why I think buying American is a good idea. First, we can place more trust in the safety of American-made products, especially food and toys, since American law holds the manufacturer responsible for their safety and performance. Second, it’s patriotic to use our money in ways that strengthen our economy and protects American jobs. And finally, we can rest assured that our money is not benefiting unfriendly nations known to have sweat shops, forced and child labor, and horrible human rights violation records.

Thus, by knowing the country of origin and taking these issues into consideration, shoppers can make more informed buying decision that match their values and preferences.

This post was last updated on July 20, 2023.

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  1. For a quick search on other made in USA products check out the website. It is not a store, but rather a quick reference tool for consumers.

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