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9 Ways to Keep Valentine's Day on a Budget


9 Ways to Keep Valentine's Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a special time to show a little extra appreciation to people you care about. Although there are a variety of ways to show affection to those you love, it is easy to overspend when we aren’t careful. Try making this Valentine’s Day special with our money saving tips below.

1. Make a budget to work from before planning your Valentine’s Day.

It is easier to make more ideal choices for gift ideas when you know how much you want to buy and can afford to spend.

2. Make your loved one a gift or shop early for store gifts while on sale.

Planning in advance will help you stick to your budget. It will also give you a chance to make new plans if something comes up unexpectedly and forces a change.

3. Prepare dinner from home and make it a special occasion.

Pamper your ValentineTry comparing prices and menu ideas to come up with a dinner that will please the people you love. For parents, see if someone you know and trust might be willing to trade a time for watching  kids or wait until the kids are asleep to sit and eat together. (See my “11 Thrifty Tips for Cutting Mealtime Costs” article for some ideas.)

4. Do something out of the ordinary that is unexpected and thoughtful.

Need ideas? Do an extra chore he or she doesn’t like. Make breakfast or even just coffee. Find a flower and leave it somewhere unexpected or take it to the person you love. Make an offer to do something to help (like stop by the grocery store or put gas in the car or to take the bills to the post office — just doing one thing can really encourage someone in their day).

5. Have an attitude of love and admiration for your Valentine.

In the busy day-to-day routine it is easy to take for granted how nice it is to feel loved and appreciated. Try complimenting, hugging, and showing appreciation to people who are special to you.

6. Make a sweet occasion by preparing (or purchasing) an inexpensive dessert that would be enjoyed.

If you are thinking of a specific dessert that is expensive or difficult to make, then try finding an easy-to-make version of the recipe online.

7. Express yourself through writing.

Cards are a nice way to tell people you care about them. Try making homemade cards (consider doing this with the kids to be given to the other parent), creating e-cards, or leaving special notes for your loved ones to find.

8. Refer back to your budget before making store purchases.

Consider the amount and place you would like to buy your items and check online for discounts or coupons to help you get the best deals on a variety of items.

9. Remember to keep things simple.

Valentine’s is a special time to just give a little extra attention to those we love. Try to make things basic and to spend more time with your loved ones to let them know you care.

Make this Valentine’s Day special for others while also sticking to your budget. With adequate planning and a few simple ideas, Valentine’s Day can be extra special this year. You can make your Valentine’s Day more memorable with these tips and a few Shopping-Bargains coupon discounts.

This post was last updated on March 14, 2018.

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