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5 Free Smartphone Apps – WCBI Interview


5 Free Smartphone Apps – WCBI Interview

For the February 15, 2012 edition of WCBI’s MidMorning with Aundrea I had the privilege of meeting with Aundrea Self and discussing 5 free smartphone apps. At the end of this approximately 6-minute “Caught in the Web” segment we briefly discussed after-Valentine’s Day coupons and how shoppers can benefit from seasonal clearance opportunities.

In this interview, the following 5 free smartphone apps were discussed and recommended.

Bing Search

Free. The Bing Search app is available for iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Every smartphone needs a good search engine and the Bing Search app addresses that requirement nicely. Bing Search is very easy to use and offers an elegant user interface with a colorful daily photo. The Bing Search app provides amazing voice and image search capabilities and has great maps — including walking directions. I find Bing Search useful for finding phone numbers and driving directions.

Kindle Reading

Free. The Kindle Reading app is available for iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows & Mac computers.

Did you know you don’t have to own a Kindle Reader to download and read Kindle books? You can download a free Kindle Reader from Amazon and read Kindle books on your computer or smartphones. You can also use the new Kindle Cloud Reader and read Kindle books in your web browser. Many Kindle books are free and many free samples are available also. Kindle Reading apps lets you read anywhere, shop the Kindle store, and sync up with each other and/or your Kindle device to save your place.


Free. The KeyRing app is available for iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Have you ever gotten to checkout and realized you forgot to bring your loyalty, club, or shopping membership reward card? Are you tired of carrying around a keychain or wallet full of cards from CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, and other stores? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. You just scan these cards into the KeyRing app and then pull them up on your smartphone and it’s ready for scanning at checkout.


Free. Dropbox and the Dropbox app is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows & Mac computers.

I consider Dropbox one of the most useful file storage and sharing solutions available today. With Dropbox you get 2GB of free online storage that you can access via your computer or through a web browser or smartphone. You can use this space to archive files as a backup, to sync files between your desktop and laptop or home and office computers, or to share files with others. Dropbox is very easy to use. You simply create a free online Dropbox account and download the apps you want to use. If you need more than 2GB of storage space, you can purchase more from Dropbox for a low monthly or annual fee.


Free. Wunderlist and the Wunderlist app is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows & Mac computers.

If you need a simple to use and intuitive task management tool then Wunderlist might be just right for you. Wunderlist offers an elegant interface that syncs your to-do lists between your smartphone and any computers you choose. You can also access Wunderlist online via a web browser.  In addition to the great scheduling features of Wunderlist, you can opt to receive a daily email notifying you of each day’s tasks.

This post was last updated on April 03, 2018.

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