Three Creative Examples of April Fools’ Day Fun

Kick me note taped on back

Today is April Fools’ Day. For our international readers, April Fools’ Day is celebrated every year on 1 April by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. Google has become well-known for their annual “new” features or product announcements on April 1; however, this year’s Gmail Mic…

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5 Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

Finger painting fun

It’s raining as I write this… probably helped me think on this topic a little more clearly. It seems that kids are particularly bummed by rainy days — especially rainy winter days. During the hot summer, a peaceful rainy day can be a welcome experience as kids often beg to go outside and splash about the puddles.…

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5 DIY Innovations for your Home

woman with a tablet

One way to keep your cost of living low is to DIY — do it yourself! In this article, we share five creative DIY innovations that most people can make for themselves and use in their home. Several of these money-saving alternatives can become family activities as well. Likewise, the finished product are likely to make…

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SSL Enhances Trust Site-wide

SSL Security

We are excited to announce that early this month Shopping-Bargains® moved entirely to the SSL protocol. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and provides a way to transmit private data securely online. A site secured with SSL means that the connection between your web browser and the website you are visiting is encrypted and secured. In…

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Savvy Shopping Recommendations for January

Woman with a piggy bank

Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons wrote the book Living The Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living which helps people spend less than they earn (without doing without). Complementing their book, you can also browse The Savvy Life website, magazine, and blog for even more tips and opportunities to grow more savvy…

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Warning: Phony Government Grant Scams on Facebook

Computer scam

Shopping-Bargains® is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. Apart from the benefits our customers receive knowing we are a verified business entity, we also benefit from BBB warnings regarding some of the latest scams. Here is a new alert we received this week — it has to do with phony government grant scams posted…

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Some Closing Thoughts on 2015. Welcome 2016!

Happy birthday!

With 2015 nearly behind us, I’ve been reflecting on some major events of this year. In preparing for the new year transition, and really, all of 2016, several things have come to mind — past milestones, current thankfulness, and future opportunities. So, with these topics in mind, I offer a few thoughts relating to the…

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“More Blessed to Give…”

Woman giving a gift

With Christmas just one week away, many people are now in near-panic mode. It seems there simply is not enough time (and often money) to buy all the gifts that are “needed” to fit in with our modern American culture. So what’s a thrifty person to do in this whirlwind (headache?) of a situation? Is…

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CleanMyDrive 2 – Free Mac App to Manage External Drives


On December 8, 2015, MacPaw released their updated CleanMyDrive 2 app. This Mac app is free from the App Store and is designed to help you clean and manage your portable storage, SSD flash drives, SD cards, external drives, and more. With CleanMyDrive 2 you can bypass Finder because all of your drives are available…

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BBB Warning: Gift Card Online Shopping Con

Computer scam

Shopping-Bargains® is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. As members, we periodically receive warnings of the latest scams and dangers to consumers. This week, we received an unusual warning with a new twist. It involves scammers requesting online payment with Amazon gift cards. With the BBB Mississippi’s permission, we share this warning…

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