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About our Herrington Catalog offers: We began recording Herrington Catalog promotions in 2007. Please review our affiliate links disclosure. This Herrington Catalog page was last updated 22-Sep-2017.

About Herrington Catalog

Herrington Catalog offers a wide variety of luxury and practical items for enthusiasts of all stripes. Established in 1980, Herrington Catalog is known for their unique selection of gifts and quality items that cater to discerning customers.

There is something for everyone in the Herrington Catalog — apparel, electronics, executive gifts, footwear for men and women, golf accessories, housewares, motoring accessories, tools and gadgets, travel essentials, photography equipment, and much more. also features a variety of online promotions including a free shipping store and a sale outlet.

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Herrington Catalog reserves the right to change pricing or end promotions and Herrington Catalog coupon codes at any time without prior notice. Herrington Catalog coupon codes and promotions generally cannot be combined with other offers.

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9 Responses to "Herrington Catalog"

  • tww says:

    OMG what a rip off!!!

  • RB says:

    I agree with the previous review. I won’t buy from this catalog because of the outrageous shipping cost!

  • bigby1 says:

    Horrible shipping prices–make them noncompetitive

  • rick says:

    If you are looking for good quality and don’t want to spend $12.00 going to the mall this is a good place to shop. You have my word, Eric Williams.

  • TV says:

    Had a complaint that Customer Service wouldn’t address. I didn’t get the coupon promotion I submitted. Wrote directly to Lee Herrington, and HE DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO REPLY. In my letter, I promised to complain on the web if I didn’t hear from him. Don’t shop Herrington. Owner doesn’t care.

  • Shopper1 says:

    So, you have sales on items, and then get the profit back on the shipping. It couldn’t cost that much to ship what I was intending to buy, so it must be a added profit?

  • John says:

    Ordered the Superleggera Aluminum Wallet for $39.95 Received something you would expect from the Dollar General Store. This thing would not even make a decent Soap Dish… I am so Disgusted, its not worth the time and money, to send it back. NEVER AGAIN.

  • online shopper only says:

    I purchase most everything I want online only.

    First when I find something in a catalog I check for free shipping first. If they do not have it I do not buy from them. One great thing is Herrington gives the name, mfg of each item. I than look the item up in search of many times find the item cheaper on a different website plus get free shipping. therefore I enjoy the catalog the pictures are great than I search elsewhere and walla I get a terrific deal and sometimes even a percentage off. Don’t waste your time with enormous shipping charges there are so many websites that are great to there customers. Herrington is only out for the money and ripping people off.

  • Katie says:

    Had a ton of items in my cart for a large total, went to check out and saw the shipping cost….clicked right off of their website and took my business elsewhere! I wonder how many other customers they lost due to their incredibly high shipping costs. We will know when they aren’t around any more.

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