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About our aerie offers: We began recording aerie promotions in 2008. Please review our affiliate links disclosure. This aerie page was last updated 17-Mar-2018.

About aerie

aerie offers bras and undies, dorm apparel, clothing, swimsuits, accessories, and beauty products made by American Eagle Outfitters. Shop Aerie by category or for even more savings, browse the Aerie Clearance section with the latest discounts. You’ll find a wide range of colorful bras, bralettes, sleepwear, bra and panty pairs, lightly lined bras, pushup bras, sports bras, and much more from Aerie.

For helpful lingerie fitting, care, measuring, and selection information, check out Aerie’s Undie and Bra Guides. You also might want to check out our American Eagle Outfitters promo codes.

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Phone #: 1-888-232-4535

Offers APO / FPO Shipping: Yes

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